Travel to another beer city in Brazil… Porto Alegre/RS

In October I went to Porto Alegre/RS, and I was invited to talk about my blog All Beers  in a beer program call Extra-Malt. Already in town, I decided to meet some  beer points and try some local craft beers.

BierMarkt Vom Fass

The “Drinkability” was the first place, a liquor store specializing in beer, there i found local beers like Baldhead, Seasons and Whitehead.

After this, i went  to  microbrewery “Seasons“, famous for their IPA call Green Cow. I tasted Green Cow and the new  russian imperial stout, Bigfoot.

To close the first day, I went to the most talked beer places in Porto Alegre, “Biermarkt Vom Fass” with 24 taps (first photo) . Great place to visit, good beers and snacks!

Second and last day of my beer tour in Porto Alegre, i went to the “Malt Store – Special Beer“, new store in town, opened earlier this year, but very pretty and nice variety of  brazilian craft beer and international labels. If your destination is Porto Alegre, don´t forget to visit and of course, drink something there!

“Bierkeller” was the last destination, a place that everyone must visit! A kind of beer secret place,  it´s not open for the public, only members,  in my case, I went with my friends of Drinkability.

Looks like we’re in another time, the rain outside also helps to create a totally different place, kinda vintage time.

Mr. Victor, the bar owner, shows me several breweries relics, each room reveals something different, a very nice experience.

There are no people to serve, you go to the refrigerator or freezer and choose which beer you want, like a home.

I´m also found local beers inside the bar, like EisenBruck, from Feliz/RS.

Tale a look:
Porto Alegre city – beer tour

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